Under the Federal Law on Consumer Rights, if you receive substandard services you are entitled to a refund on your payment card. For more information, please contact us in the way most convenient for you.
If for any reason you decide to cancel the contract for work (or services), you may do so in accordance with the Russian Federation Law on Consumer Rights No. 2300-1, dated 7 Feb 1992.
A consumer has the right to cancel a contract for work (or services) at any time, after paying the supplier a prorated price proportional to the work completed (or services rendered) before notification of dissolution of that contract and reimbursing the supplier for expenses incurred in carrying out the contract up to that time, if those expenses are not included in the prorated price of work (or services) indicated.

If you have paid your conference participation fee, but are no longer able to attend for any reason, you must send a refund request to Leona Krasucka at no later than 16 September 2014. You must include your full bank details (full name, name of bank branch, bank identifier code [BIC], and account number). You will receive a 90% refund within ten days of the end of the conference. Applications for refunds are not accepted if received after 16 September.

If you have any questions, please contact our conference manager Leona Krasucka on +7 (343) 237 03 37 (ext. 6) or by email at